This Town: Portraits of Red Hook


Craig LaCourt has called Red Hook home for more than a decade, becoming a local fixture along with his wife, Shami, daughter, Mihika, and two dogs, Muzzy and Oberon.

As a photographer, he travels far and wide, but he always comes home, turning his lens toward his friends and neighbors to capture the unique soul of this small town in a big city. Friends such as Francis Kerrigan, seen at left, a beloved Sunny’s bartender and all-around stand-up guy.

Unfortunately, while the family was traveling after the holidays, their car was broken into and robbed of cameras, laptops, hard drives–essentially, everything a photographer needs to ply his trade. Not to mention the LaCourts’ own priceless family photos.

The thieves left Craig without a camera, leaving him with no way to create the editorial and advertising photography he relies on to earn a living.

So, in typical Red Hook fashion, we’ve banded together to help the LaCourts. There are two ways:

1. Make a PayPal donation. Any little bit helps.

2. Join the LaCourts on February 27 for This Town: Portraits of Red Hook a curated exhibit of Craig’s images of his beloved friends and neighbors

It will be an evening of art, beer, live music and barbecue at Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook. Musician Josh Flagg will be performing, DJ Spencer will be spinning, and special prizes will be raffled off.

We hope the community Craig has spent the last half decade documenting will rally to get him back on his feet.



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